Hamster Style

Jigsaw puzzles, as the most popular games, were adapted for modern Android devices.

It is easy and comfortable now to lay out the jigsaw puzzles. You can just download the game and in some seconds it will be installed on your phone. You don't need any special requirements, annexes or user's skills.

Everything is easy and understandable. The whole computer game repeats the process of an ordinary jigsaw puzzle, but instead of one picture, you will have the whole set of thematic images.

Play at jigsaw puzzles, train your brain.

Every our game contains pics with one theme, you can see all the included pics through preview-list.

Pics are different by hardness (indicated by the color of the base)

means that it is new pic (we regularly update games)

4.71 is a rating of the pic (by players votes), the color indicates how high the rate

is indicator of completeness solution

means the puzzle is solved

Some time you can see It is a message from developers.

Select pic and get game field

To pan the field touch the screen in empty place and move. To move the piece - touch it and move. To rotate the piece - touch it quickly. To connect two pieces just move it closely to each other and rotate if needed. If two pieces can be connected they connect automaticaly. When two pieces are connected they live like one piece.

is a zoom buttons

appears after the finish of solving and saves pics at the SD-card, also you can rate solved pic

Press menu to select color of background, restart the pic, or zoom pic radically.

Now we can present you puzzle games with themes for everyone:

The Simpsons 150.000 Downloads
Cats 70.000 Downloads
Harry Potter 70.000 Downloads
Lord Of The Rings
Super Cars

...and for 14+ players:

Nice Butt over 1.000.000 Downloads!!!
Boobs 200.000 Downloads
Sexy Asia 70.000 Downloads
Ero Anime 50.000 Downloads
Girls 50.000 Downloads
Bikini Girls
Drive Girls

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